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Summer 2024 – Literature, Culture and Art Program




  • Alper Hasanoğlu, Hayat Bilgisi
  • Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving
  • Johann Hari, Stolen Focus
  • Paolo Cognetti, The Eight Mountains


The Magic of Words: Nourish Your Mind and Soul with Must-Read Books


If you are looking to nourish your mind and soul, I have some excellent book recommendations for you. Each of these books sheds light on different aspects of life and invites you to reflect deeply.


We begin with a quote: “Happiness is not found in the external world but in the peace within us and the gifts that peace brings. When we find our inner peace, the storms from the outside world cannot shake us.


Alper Hasanoğlu’s book beautifully emphasises the importance of inner peace and happiness. “Hayat Bilgisi” offers practical advice on ways to understand ourselves and to cope with life’s challenges. Filled with real-life stories and actionable suggestions, this book is a great guide for a profound emotional and psychological exploration.



“Love is an active force. Love is not something that happens to an individual passively. It is a drive that arises from the development of one’s inner capacities; it means that a relationship is not only limited to a partner but is also a way to fully express oneself and connect with all beings.”


Fromm’s “The Art of Loving” is an in-depth work arguing that love is an art that requires effort to learn. It addresses various misconceptions about love and explores different types of love. This book is a comprehensive guide to understanding and developing love deeply.



“Many people’s distraction is not a weakness but a product of the modern world. To focus our attention, we need not only individual solutions but also broader social and societal changes.”


Johann Hari’s “Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention” reveals with striking examples how the digital world and constant notifications have overtaken our attention. Examining how everyday distractions challenge our mental health and providing ways out of this predicament, this work can be seen as an X-ray of the modern world.



“Mountains are always sacred; one does not need a priest to feel this sanctity. In the height and solitude of mountains, the human heart expands towards itself.”


Paolo Cognetti’s novel “The Eight Mountains” offers a poignant story that explores the themes of nature and friendship. The friendship of Pietro and Bruno, who grow up in the Italian Alps, develops under the challenging conditions of nature and is tested by various difficulties brought by life. Cognetti’s simple and powerful narration, intertwined with nature, shows how one can find oneself.


These books explore the importance of happiness, love, attention, and self-discovery from different perspectives. Hasanoğlu suggests that inner peace is independent of the external world, while Fromm presents love as an art that we need to learn. Hari explains how our attention is stolen in the modern world, and Cognetti invites us to discover ourselves through nature and friendship. Reading these books is not just about gaining knowledge; it is a wonderful journey to bring more meaning and balance into your life. They all convey the same message: Better understanding ourselves and our relationships is crucial for living a happier and more fulfilling life.



  • Sena Şener will be on stage at Dorock XL Venue on July 7th!


  • Icelandic rock band KALEO will perform at Küçükçiftlik Park on July 24th! Led by the powerful vocals of JJ Julius, KALEO, with Grammy-nominated ‘No Good’ and hit song ‘Way Down We Go’, has surpassed 1 billion streams worldwide. Don’t miss this fantastic night organized by EPIFONİ and with the contributions of %100 Müzik!


  • The British alternative rock band Placebo will perform at Küçükçiftlik Park on August 4th as part of BLIND FEST!


  • Büyük Ev Ablukada, one of the beloved names of the Turkish alternative music scene, will perform at Maximum UNIQ Open Air on August 9th.


World-renowned cellist HAUSER will meet his fans at Maximum UNIQ Open Air on August 14th. He will push the boundaries of classical music and offer a unique experience crossing disciplines!


  • Ezgi Arıkan & Ferman Akgül, Anka
  • Polen, Pırpırpır
  • Ezgi Yalçın, Suç Bende
  • Christine and the Queens, Christine



  • One of Istanbul’s most colorful and energetic gastronomy festivals, Cocktail & Chill Fest, offers you the chance to enjoy colorful cocktails to the rhythm of music. The festival on July 20th at Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul awaits you with dazzling cocktails, music, dance, and more!


  • Rotafest Electro Visual Istanbul, to be held at The Beach from July 26th and 28th, offers participants a visual feast with its massive three-dimensional stage. You can participate in fun activities by the seaside during the day and have the chance to watch live performances of world-renowned DJs at night. This colorful festival offers a very different experience from other festivals in Istanbul. In the event also known as ‘Colorfest’, you can spend an unforgettable weekend in the fun world of colors.


  • An event not to be missed for those who want to connect with nature! The Soundscape Festival, taking place on August 10th & 11th, offers participants an unforgettable experience with three different stages. The festival, featuring popular names in electronic music, will allow you to embrace nature with the rhythm of music. The event held at Life Park offers a sustainable venue experience and a program filled with fun workshops and activities!


  • The eagerly awaited Threehills Festival is taking place on August 25th! TYGA, one of the most beloved names in rap music, will dazzle with his unique beats that have made it to the Top 10 lists in many countries worldwide and his unforgettable performance. Additionally, there will be surprise artists taking the stage alongside TYGA!



  • The Donut Making Workshop, organized by Cooking Class Academy on July 7th, offers participants the opportunity to make their own donuts. Participants will have the chance to prepare donut dough, learn decorating techniques with different ingredients, and experience an unforgettable journey of taste.


  • The Fish Cooking Workshop, organized by Chef’s Table Kitchen Academy in Istanbul on August 4th, offers a unique experience for seafood enthusiasts. Participants will learn fish cooking techniques from expert chefs and get acquainted with the freshest seafood, discovering steps like fish cleaning and filleting.


  • The event Masterpiece Galata Painting: Shadows of Love, taking place on July 18th, where participants will spend enjoyable time, create oil paintings with beautiful music, is an organization that does not require prior painting experience, aiming solely for pleasure. Guided by artists, participants will complete a chosen piece and will be able to take their paintings with them at the end of the event. The event will be held in Beyoğlu Galata, and all necessary materials will be provided.


  • In the Fresh Italian Pastas and Sauces Workshop organized by EKS Culinary Academy on July 19th, participants will learn to prepare fresh pasta and authentic Italian sauces under the guidance of professional chefs.



  • In the play Leydi Bright’ın Deliliği, to be staged at Werkstatt Akademi on July 6th, we witness Leslie Bright’s descent into madness due to the loneliness brought by losing her beauty and youth in her one-room apartment.


  • Turgut Özakman’s play “Deliler,” written in 1987, will be staged again on July 31st at The Swissotel Bosphorus… The story of these “madmen” that harks back to ancient times comes to life in the new play Deli Bayramı by DasDas in a comedy-filled manner. You will find the answers to these questions years later and feel the power of comedy once again.


  • L’Avare is on August 22nd as part of the Maximum Uniq Open-Air Events! Semaver Kumpanya stages Molière’s classic play “L’Avare” which play was written in France in the 17th century and holds a significant place in the comedy genre. Kumpanya stages under the direction of Tansu Biçer and with Serkan Keskin’s performance as Harpagon. The company’s interpretation presents this classic work in a modern way, providing audiences with an unforgettable theater experience!



  • Istanbul Modern is hosting the first solo exhibition in Turkey by the world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson. Presented under the title Senin Beklenmedik Karşılaşman, this exhibition offers the opportunity to explore Eliasson’s themes of light, color, perception, movement, geometry, and the environment. Running until February 9th, 2025, this boundary-pushing exhibition will provide an unforgettable experience with the artist’s works that activate the senses and thoughts.


  • The exhibition Havaya Dair designed by 2050+ at Salt Beyoğlu, aims to concretize air pollution through material, auditory, and visual experiments. The installation invites visitors to consider the materiality of air and examine the social and global impacts of toxic substances. Emphasizing that clean, breathable air is a universal right and highlighting the importance of collective action, the exhibition can be visited until August 18th.


  • Curated by Necmi Sönmez, the exhibition Dijital Mitolojiler brings together 61 works from the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection. The exhibition highlights experimental approaches in new media art and includes four new previously unseen works. In this exhibition that presents comparative works such as neon sculptures, video installations, and manipulated photographs alongside works produced with traditional techniques, new research areas offered by digital experiences are explored. The Borusan Contemporary Art Collection emphasizes the importance of digital image production. The exhibition can be visited until August 18th.


  • The exhibition Farz Et Ki Sen Yoksun, bringing together the works of four hundred different artists from the Ömer Koç Collection, invites visitors to explore the collector’s dreams turned into reality. On display at Arter until December 29th, the exhibition offers visitors escape zones inspired by worldliness. Addressing themes of ascension and escape in a transient world, the exhibition guides visitors towards new meanings, drawing inspiration from the idea of embracing life freely as suggested by Ömer Hayyam in a space devoid of chronology and hierarchy.


  • Featuring the works of Ozan Sağdıç (b. 1934), Fotoğrafçının Tanıklığı – Ozan Sağdıç exhibition is one of the most important figures in Turkish photography history. The exhibition hosts a wide selection of works. Continuing until October 20th, this exhibition presents historical and artistic moments filtered through Sağdıç’s lens to visitors. Stories witnessed through the enchantment of photography offer a profound insight into history and art.

Discover the Boundaries of Art: Enchanting Exhibition News From Around the World!


  • Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind: At Tate Modern, the iconic museum in London where Yoko Ono met unique individuals in the art world, created groundbreaking works, and crossed paths with John Lennon, “Music of the Mind”, which will continue until September 1st, opens the stage for the artist’s most comprehensive exhibition in England. This showcase in the UK delves into Ono’s artistic universe, influenced by her encounters with key artistic figures, groundbreaking works, and her destiny intertwining with John Lennon. The exhibition promises deep insights into Ono’s impactful presence in contemporary culture, offering innovative perspectives on her art, music, and activism.


  • Roy Lichtenstein Retrospective: Featuring iconic works such as “Whaam!”, “Drowning Girl,” “Look Mickey,” and “Brushstrokes,” Roy Lichtenstein’s mesmerizing retrospective is on display until July 14th at the Albertina Museum. Lichtenstein masterfully addresses popular culture, consumer society, and media influence, presenting an ironic and critical perspective across a range of subjects from comic strips to self-portraits. Supported by the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, the retrospective, running until July 14, 2024, includes works borrowed from prestigious institutions like the Whitney Museum and MoMA in New York, the Ludwig Museum in Vienna, and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid.


  • Anselm Kiefer’s Fallen Angels: The exhibition at the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence follows its striking presentation at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice. Kiefer’s work, often centered around themes like history, mythology, memory , and identity, resonates deeply with the post-World War II German context, blending historical themes with the modern world. By using both natural and industrial materials such as lead, ashes, soil, straw, and resin, Kiefer conveys a tactile richness in his art, symbolically expressing the passage of time and historical processes. Curated by Arturo Galansino, this exhibition is vailable to visit until July 21st and brings Kiefer’s masterworks and new creations to Florence, promising an unforgettable artistic journey.


  • One of the most prominent figures of German Romanticism, Caspar David Friedrich is known for his works that deeply explore the relationship between nature and man with the landscape. This year, Friedrich’s 250th birthday is celebrated with three major exhibitions in Hamburg, Berlin, and Dresden. These exhibitions will inspire art lovers who want to explore Friedrich’s art and influences more closely.


At the Art for a New Era exhibition at the Hamburg Kunsthalle Museum, two of Friedrich’s most replicated works, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (approximately 1817) and Chalk Cliffs on Rügen (1818), are featured among 60 Friedrich paintings. These paintings are on loan from the Oskar Reinhart Foundation in Winterthur. The exhibition also explores Friedrich’s influence on contemporary art with works by artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Kehinde Wiley, and Julian Charrière.


The exhibition Infinite Landscapes at the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin examines the artist’s role in rediscovering him in the early 20th century, while also investigating pairs of his paintings such as Monk by the Sea and The Abbey in the Oakwood (both from 1808-1810). The third part of the exhibition presents the latest research on his technique.


In Dresden, where Friedrich lived for about 40 years and produced most of his famous works, Albertinum and Kupferstich-Kabinett will present the exhibition Where it All Started to visitors starting from August 28. In the exhibition at Albertinum, Friedrich’s works will be compared with Old Masters paintings that inspired him.



  • Michelangelo, “The Last Decades and “Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael”: The British Museum, along with the Royal Academy, hosts two magnificent exhibitions that delve into the artistry of Michelangelo. “Michelangelo: The Last Decades” (Until the end of July) and “Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael” (November 9th – February 16th) highlight Michelangelo’s unparalleled genius while juxtaposing his work with that of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. Visitors will embark on a profound journey through Michelangelo’s creative universe, exploring how these Renaissance titans influenced and challenged each other. Discover the remarkable artistic encounters and inspirations that defined the Renaissance’s golden age.


To better understand the creator of these captivating 2 exhibitions, let’s take a closer look at Michelangelo’s artistic life and the sources of inspiration behind his works…

A Timeless Genius: Eternity in the Art of Michelangelo


Michelangelo Buonarroti is considered one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance during its peak. Known as a sculptor, painter, architect, and poet, Michelangelo’s contributions to art history will forever be remembered. His works are distinguished by their technical mastery, profound emotions, and idealized representations of the human form. Furthermore, throughout his career, he had a significant impact on other artists.


Michelangelo’s Most Famous Works


David: Exhibited in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, this marble statue is one of the artist’s masterpieces. The body language and detailed anatomy of David showcase Michelangelo’s ability to perfectly capture the human form.


Sistine Chapel Ceiling Frescoes: Created between 1508 and 1512, these frescoes adorn the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Scenes such as “The Creation of Adam” and “The Flood” demonstrate Michelangelo’s narrative power and innovative painting techniques.


The Last Judgment: Another significant work in the Sistine Chapel, the fresco “The Last Judgment,” created between 1536 and 1541, dramatically portrays the second coming of Jesus and the final judgment day.


Pietà: Located in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, this sculpture depicts the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus. Created by Michelangelo at a young age, this piece reveals his emotional and technical prowess.


Interactions with Contemporary Artists


Leonardo da Vinci: Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci lived in the same period and had the opportunity to work in the same environment in Florence. Their talents and different stylistic approaches created significant competition and mutual interaction in the art scene of the time. Leonardo’s studies on human anatomy and perspective may have had a profound influence on Michelangelo.


Raphael: Although Raphael was a younger artist than Michelangelo, their interaction was intense. Raphael was influenced by Michelangelo’s works in the Sistine Chapel, and this influence is evident in his frescos. Likewise, Michelangelo might have been inspired by Raphael’s elegant compositions and use of color.


Donatello: Michelangelo was greatly inspired by Donatello’s works during his youth. Donatello’s early sculptures significantly reinforced Michelangelo’s interest in sculpture and played an important role in the development of his artistic understanding.


Michelangelo’s Personality and Artistic Philosophy


Michelangelo possessed a complex and profound personality, much like his art. He was an incredibly hardworking and determined artist, deeply dedicated to his works. Michelangelo preferred to work alone and continued his work until his health deteriorated. His melancholic and introverted nature is reflected in the emotional depth of his masterpieces.


The intense presence of religious themes in his works reflects his spiritual depth and his devotion to God. His creations, inspired by sacred texts and Bible stories, are considered not only artistic genius but also spiritual expressions. Especially in his works in the Sistine Chapel, these qualities are prominent.


Michelangelo’s Influence on Contemporary Art


Modern artists continue to draw technical, aesthetic, and thematic inspiration from Michelangelo’s works:


Anatomical Precision: Michelangelo’s mastery in accurately depicting the human form is still regarded as a standard in modern sculpture and painting, frequently referenced in anatomy classes.


Essence and Simplicity: In the realms of minimalism and abstract art, Michelangelo’s approach to simplifying form and capturing essence has inspired artists like Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore.


Technical Mastery and Discipline: His emphasis on detail and technical perfection serves as a model for artists, underlining the importance of discipline and technical expertise in art.


Art and Spirituality: Michelangelo’s approach to religious themes has inspired artists to explore spiritual and religious subjects. Even today, his works are referenced by artists dealing with these themes.


Michelangelo Buonarroti holds a unique place in art history with his artistry, personality, and interactions with other prominent figures of his time. At the pinnacle of the Renaissance, he pushed the boundaries of art both technically and aesthetically, inspiring numerous artists with his works. His sculptures, frescoes, and architectural projects continue to be studied and appreciated by art lovers and artists worldwide. Michelangelo’s innovative approaches and profound understanding of humanity have left a lasting impact on the world of art, serving as a guide for every artist in pursuit of the “ideal.” In conclusion, Michelangelo’s legacy lives not only in the past but continues to inspire future generations of artists, laying the foundations of a tradition that will endure.



  • Released in 2022, the dramatic film My Sailor, My Love, directed by Finnish filmmaker Klaus Härö, tells the story of an elderly sailor, Howard, and his daughter Grace, who tries to reconnect with him. This film takes viewers on an emotional journey, showcasing the power of love and loyalty with a warm and heartfelt narrative. The deeply and realistically crafted characters allow the audience to easily relate to them. The captivating cinematography and music make this story even more special. Watching this emotional story from real life will not only warm hearts but also provide delightful moments. The film premieres in Turkey on June 7th!


  • Set in the Midwest America of the 1960s, The Bikeriders delves into the rise of a motorcycle club and the lives of its members, taking the audience into the biker subculture of that era. The film narrates the club’s founding process, the sense of freedom it brings, along with its internal conflicts. The story reveals how the club begins to face both social and personal struggles. Directed by Jeff Nichols, “The Bikeriders” will be released in Turkey on June 21st. Why should this film be watched? Because this intense story where freedom and struggles converge offers the viewer both an emotional and historical perspective.


  • Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1, directed by and starring Kevin Costner, depicts a 15-year period before and after the Civil War. It explores topics such as westward expansion, interactions with natural elements, challenges with indigenous peoples, and efforts to colonize lands. The film will be in theaters on July 6th!


  • Coup de Chance is a French comedy-drama thriller film starring Lou de Laâge, Valérie Lemercier, Melvil Poupaud, and Niels Schneider, written and directed by Woody Allen, follows the story of a young woman who secretly begins a relationship with an old high school friend she encounters. The film will be in theaters on July 26th!



  • ArtCurious Podcast: A podcast hosted by art historian Jennifer Dasal, aiming to explore art history from perspectives you might have never considered before. In this podcast, you can dive into much more detailed and entertaining information about mysterious stories of Michelangelo, the secrets behind Van Gogh’s death, and the unknowns of Picasso’s life.


  • The Partially Examined Life: An excellent podcast in English offering great content in the field of philosophy. Listening to The Partially Examined Life podcast provides listeners with an opportunity to dive into the depths of philosophy. By unveiling complex philosophical thoughts in an understandable and entertaining way, this podcast broadens mental horizons. Each episode introduces listeners to different thinkers and concepts, stimulating intellectual curiosity and taking them on an immersive journey through the world of thoughts. Following this podcast to discover the philosophical aspects that touch every area of life and add depth to everyday living enriches the mind and provides new perspectives.

Prepared by Nazperi YILMAZ

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