Öngösterim Görseli

June 2023 – Literature, Culture, Art Program


  • The Fisherman of Halicarnassus, Aganta Burina Burinat: In this first novel of the author, where fishermen, divers and sailors find an echo in literature; freedom, rebellion, humankind’s past and future searches, losses and fears, are the subject of the connection between the contemporary view of man and ancient civilizations.


  • Ceylan Daş, Neye İhtiyacım Var?: The book focuses on the individual’s ability to look at himself/herself as a whole and discover his/her psychological needs and choose the appropriate methods to meet them. This book is a guide for overcoming the difficulties we experience in daily life.


  • Georgi Gospodinov, Time Shelter: This novel has a creative and profound content on time, age, death, memory, individual and social histories. The protagonist’s path intersects with a mysterious character who is obsessed with the past and eventually disappears in the past. It handles a subject where “past clinics” are established for people whose memory is slowly fading, and “time shelters” are offered to them to preserve what is left of their memories.


  • Linda Nochlin, Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?: Linda Nochlin’s this article laid the foundations of feminist art history as a turning point. At a point where the concept of greatness is examined, it reveals that the male perspective that dominates art-historical thought is not only a moral but also an intellectual error.


  • Javier Marias, A Heart So White: This novel by Spanish writer Marias tells the story of women, mothers, sisters trapped in their secrets. It is told to the reader in a very fluent style through the loss of innocence and the adventure of ordinary people.



  • One of today’s greatest pianists, Éric Le Sage, and the country’s successful wind instruments quintet, Les Vents Français, are meeting at the French Palace on June 7th as part of the 51st Istanbul Music Festival.


  • Live From Kadıköy Fest, where Teoman, Gripin and Selin are hosted, will be at Festival Park Kadıköy stage on June 9th!


  • Hollywood Vampires, the rock band of Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, is giving a concert at Life Park Istanbul on June 10th!


  • Gipsy Kings will take the stage at Volkswagen Arena Istanbul on June 17th and at Congresium Ankara on June 18th.


  • Tom Odell, the voice of romantic songs, will be at Maximum Unique Open Air Istanbul on June 24th!


  • Hypnotic directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Ben Affleck, will be in theaters on June 2nd!


  • Dalíland, the movie about the life story of surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, directed by Mary Harron and starring Ben Kingsley, Barbara Sukowa and Ezra Miller, will be in theaters on June 2nd!


  • The movie Beau Is Afraid starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Ari Aster will be in theaters on June 9th!


  • The play Amy Winehouse, which is about parts of Winehouse’s life, will be at Turhan Tuzcu Stage in Istanbul on June 6th!


  • About the extraordinary relationship between the legendary lovers Romeo & Juliette, Tarla Kuşuydu Juliet will be at Ses 1885 Ortaoyuncular Theater on June 7th!


  • Fırat Tanış will be on stage with an Abdal story at the Caddebostan Culture Center on June 13th with Gelin Tanış Olalım, written and directed by Semih Çelenk.


  • İmparator, adapted by Colin Teevan from Ryszard Kapuscinski’s book of the same title, will be on Trump Stage on June 16th!


  • Being a guest of Zilberman Gallery with her works produced in different disciplines from the pandemic to the present; dealing with issues such as women’s rights, climate crisis, housing problem, and security, artist Neriman Polat’s exhibition titled Çatısız can be seen in the main gallery space of Mısır Apartment until July 15th!


  • The exhibition titled UVA: The Edge of Chaos, curated by Julia Kaganskiy, which has been on display at Borusan Contemporary since last year and will end on August 27th, takes the viewer on a journey from the mundane to the cosmic.


  • In Bir Kendilik Öyküsü: Naile Akıncı (1953-2013) Retrospective exhibition, Museum Gazhane is hosting the first of the series of exhibitions of IBB. In this exhibit, the leading women painters of the Republic are taken part and it can be visited until July 16th!


  • Curated by Nilüfer Şalmazer, Nuri Kuzucan’s personal exhibition titled Passage, which centers on both mental and perceptual fluidity and transitivity, meets art lovers at Arter as of June 1st.


  • On the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, the 1923 Musical will be at Zorlu PSM on June 19th!


Digital Exhibitions

  • In the digital exhibitions of Pera Museum, there are important exhibitions such as From Istanbul to Byzantium Yarına Notlar, Etel Adnan, and Kristal Berraklığı that you can visit virtually this month.


  • Yükselt Sesini! podcast channel is a podcast series that shares the headlines on the women’s agenda such as the news of equality, justice and solidarity, meets the listeners this month.


  • 1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales, the podcast channel where you can listen to the works of important writers in English, from Jack London to Guy de Maupassant, from Edgar Allan Poe to Arthur Canon Doyle, takes its place in this month’s recommendations.

Prepared by: Nazperi YILMAZ